Low Testosterone Specialist

Young man looking fatigued, a potential symptom of low testosterone.
Dr. Badday offers testosterone replacement therapy from his office in Irvine, CA & Los Angeles, CA, to help his patients feel young and maintain a vital sex life.

Low Testosterone Q & A

What is low testosterone?

Low testosterone can occur for many men as they get older as a natural part of aging. Low testosterone levels can affect a man’s sex drive, sexual performance, energy, and motivation. It can also have some unpleasant effects on a man’s health.

What is testosterone therapy?

When needed, testosterone replacement therapy is used to return testosterone levels to normal and help the man feel like he did before. Low testosterone has also been linked to difficulties with sexual activity, including decreasing interest in sex in addition to his ability to maintain an erection. Testosterone therapy can help to improve sexual enjoyment and desire and help to orgasms more enjoyable. For several men, treating the sexual symptoms of low testosterone is often enough of a reason to begin treatment. However, low testosterone also influences a man’s overall health and wellness. Returning these levels to normal can have a positive impact on a several of crucial health factors.

What additional benefits does testosterone therapy?

Testosterone can also play a role life expectancy and vitality. Recent studies have indicated that there is a link between low testosterone and shorter life expectancy. Many other factors can be involved in this as well. Doctors know that testosterone is good for overall health and can help with energy. Treating low testosterone can also strengthen a man’s bones and assist to prevent osteoporosis. Some evidence also suggests that testosterone therapy can also help control blood sugar, which is very important for the prevention and management of diabetes.

Testosterone is also tied to heart health. Lower testosterone levels are linked to higher risk of cardiovascular issues. The doctor believes that testosterone therapy can significantly affect a man’s quality of life, including all the sexual benefits, testosterone replacement therapy can improve a man’s mood and energy level while minimizing irritability and anger. For more information, contact the office to schedule a consultation with the doctor.




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